Dana definitely doesn’t want you to know about this one

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Dana: Likes the gays … far away from where he sits.

So a few days ago there was a bill, HR 4974, that caught the eye of absolutely no one outside of the beltway. It’s a spending measure for the Department of Veterans Affairs and military construction projects, and was set to pass with ease. Yet there was one nugget of language that bothers Patrick Maloney, a congressman from New York. Wrote Christina Marcos and Mike Lillis of The Hill: “The language embedded in the defense bill states that religious corporations, associations and institutions that receive federal contracts can’t be discriminated against on the basis of religion.”

In other words, the bill would have potentially permitted discrimination against gays and lesbians in the name of “religious freedom.” So Patrick Maloney, a congressman from New York, added an amendment to the bill that would—according to The Hill—”prohibit funds to implement contracts with any company that doesn’t comply with President Obama’s executive orderbanning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers.”

This is when things got crazy.

The bill was about to pass with little drama. In fact, the bill did pass with little drama. It needed 213 YES nods to be approved, and it won, 217-206. Then, however, Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader and a Californian Republican, began the push for his fellow conservatives to change their votes.

From The Hill …

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.02.31 AM

Among those who voted against the bill:

Darrell Issa.

Mimi Walters.

And, of course …

Dana Rohrabacher.

It failed to pass.

What does it say about Dana Rohrabacher?

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Wrong flag?

The New York Times is reporting that, in 2012, the FBI warned Dana Rohrabacher that Russian spies were trying to recruit him.

According to the piece, written by Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman and Mark Mazzetti, an agent told Rohrabacher that Russia saw him as a potential “agent of influence,” and that he was looked at “as someone who could be influenced.”

This, from the article:

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.36.12 AM

Now, to be clear—I do not believe Dana Rohrabacher works for Russia, or is being paid by Russia, or compensated by Russia. Is he an awful congressman? Yes. Does he make bewildering pro-Russia statements? Yes. Is he Donald Trump’s lapdog? Vladimir Putin’s lapdog? Yes.

Is he on the Russia payroll? No. Almost certainly not.

But—and this is an enormous but—what does it tell you (and us) that Russia views Dana Rohrabacher as someone who can be influenced and bought? What does it say about how the man is viewed? About his values? Even as he repeatedly says “I’m not Putin’s puppet,” Putin sees him as, well, his puppet.

It’s weird, warped, messed up. And, again, for the people of California’s 48th District, a far cry from what we elected Rohrabacher to do.

The man who can’t find time to hold local open meetings finds plenty of time for Russia.

That’s disconcerting.

Paid in full

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Russia’s pay pal?

In case you missed this gem, Adam Entous of the Washington Post reported today that, one month before Donald Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy engaged in a, well, funny little private conversation with fellow GOP leaders.

Here you go, straight from Entous’ piece …

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 4.56.06 PM

Now nationally Trump is the big name here—and for good reason. In sports terms, this is sorta like the 1998 Marlins-Dodgers trade, when Florida acquired Mike Piazza and Todd Zeile from Los Angeles for a bushel of players. Across the country, everyone talked about Piazza, Piazza, Piazza. Just like here it’s Trump, Trump, Trump. In Todd Zeile’s hometown of Van Nuys, California, however, folks were surely abuzz about the journeyman third baseman.

I digress.

Here in Orange County and, specifically, District 48, Dana Rohrabacher tops this news cycle. You have the House Majority Leader—a follow Republican—joking/sorta joking/not joking at all that the Russians pay off our congressman. In fact, whether it’s true or not (and who the hell knows for sure), what’s bonkers is that, if you’re familiar with Dana, it’s not a preposterous notion. It’s oddly believable.

Todd Zeile would understand.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.18.22 PM
Todd Zeile

Dana and the bear rug

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.10.43 PM
I just think it’s awesome that he’s standing beneath a bear.

So in a really odd sorta change from the norm, Dana Rohrabacher is suddenly everywhere in Orange County. No, he’s still not holding any town halls. But over the past few days—according to his Facebook page—he’s hosted a community forum about airplane noise, applauded Huntington Beach for its 5th Street downtown upgrade, joined in the celebration at the opening of the Balboa Yacht Club, celebrated the Moulton Niguel Water District’s 3rd annual Love Smart community event, discussed taxation with the Fountain Valley Chamber, plotted strategy with Costa Mesa activists, joined Sheiff Hutchiens at the Laguna Niguel Junior Civic Workshop, on and on and on and …

Interestingly, the one thing Rohrabacher has not done is talk, or defend, Donald Trump in the midst of one of the worst weeks in modern presidential history. He hasn’t Tweeted about Trump, he hasn’t written a Facebook post about Trump. Literally, Donald Trump’s biggest congressional backer has suddenly decided it’s not a subject worth broaching.

Hmm … why do you think this is?

Answer: Because Dana Rohrabacher is surely started to see that 2018 will not be a cakewalk. He is a wounded animal, attached to an incompetent, corrupt president. A few months ago, Rohrabacher never missed an opportunity to attach himself to the president’s loafers. Now, he’s keeping his distance while morphing from Mr. Russia to Mr. All I Think About is My District.

It won’t get easier for the man.

We. Must. Register. Voters. Now.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.14.17 PM

I love this blog.

I love exposing Dana Rohrabacher.

I love expressing myself.

I love venting.

But what I really love—like, really, really, really love—is my family. I have two children, ages 10 and 13, and I am primarily motivated by the idea of Casey and Emmett possibly growing up in a world that is hateful, unhealthy and, ultimately, incapable of supporting human life. That’s why I’m here, and probably why you’re here. To put a stop to the madness of men like Rohrabacher, and Darrell Issa, and Mike Pence, and Donald Trump.

But here’s the thing: Thus far, in the aftermath of last November’s elections, it’s been a whole lot of jabber. Jabber from me, jabber from you. And now, it’s time for the next step; the necessary step to win back the House.

We need to register voters here in Orange County.

I’m not the one to take the lead, because it’s not my special area. But venting to one another does little if we don’t reach out, up the rolls, make sure the numbers exist to finally oust Dana and his motley gang of climate change-denying xenophobes. We must outreach. We must press the flesh. We must sell—not merely why the other is wrong, but why we’re right.

I know … I know—this stuff is said all the time. But we have momentum. We have the dangers of Trump. We have a wounded nutjob candidate. We have what we need.

Now, we must do it.

Look! It’s someone (gasp) less sincere than Dana

In case you needed a break from hearing how terrible Dana Rohrabacher is, here’s someone even worse.

The above video features John Faso, a Republican congressman representing New York’s 19th District. Faso is an arch-conservative who recently voted for the disastrous health care bill that, God willing, won’t sniff an escape from the United States Senate. As we all know by now, the bill is pure rubbish. It offers dazzling tax cuts for the rich while eviscerating quality coverage for the poor, and previously infirmed.

Faso has been a big booster of overturning Obamacare. He’s never hesitated. He’s never delayed. Here’s his statement from the other day.

Now, please, watch the above video.

Watch as he lies to a woman with a brain tumor.


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.25.03 PM

An amazing week for Dana

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.39.09 PM

See the photo above this sentence?

The man in the middle is Iowa congressman Steven King, whose past racist comments include the gem of all gems, a 2013 opinion that some children brought to the U.S. illegally were OK, but that there were others “who weigh 130 pounds and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.”

King also called Barack Obama “King Jong POTUS.” He also chalked up the abuses at Abu Ghraib to “hazing.” He also argued that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s aide, has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Even by the low modern standards of the GOP, he is considered an ugly extremist.

The woman to the right is Marine Le Pen, the extremist candidate for the French presidency who—praise Jesus—lost today to Emmanuel Marcon in a landslide. Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front party (he was best known for dismissing the Holocaust as a “detail of history”). She denied any French responsibility for the roundup of nearly 13,000 Jews by the Vichy regime in 1942. She is, in the words of Max Boot of Commentary Magazine, “hostile to immigrants, to the European Union, NATO, and to the United States, but she is extremely fond of Vladimir Putin.”

The man on the left? Yup. That’s our congressman—Dana Rohrabacher.

In the leadup to today’s election, Rohrabacher and King were two of the few American political leaders to openly support Le Pen. To be clear, he was backing an openly xenophobic, racist woman to win one of Europe’s most powerful positions.

Again, this is our congressman.

Le Pen’s loss surely stung Rohrabacher, especially coming on the heels of a vote that will very likely end his political career. As the harsh realities of the Obamacare overhaul begin to hit conservative-leaning Orange County residents (especially those who rely on the Affordable Care Act), the ol’ cool surfer who’s also pro-marijuana thing that Rohrabacher relies on will inevitably fade.

He’s not merely paling around with French bigots.

He’s also taking away your health coverage.

The lies of Dana

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.50.59 PM
Is this box where I put my dignity?

It’s been more than 24 hours since the House Republicans voted to kill your health coverage, which—one might think—would be followed by public appearances and statements.

I mean, this was a big deal. If you love what they did—it’s big. If you hate what they did—it’s big. The end result could be a complete shift in the way government operates. If nothing else, it’s a shift in the way health coverage operates.

So where is Dana Rohrabacher, our congressman, you supported the overhaul?

Um …

Eh …

Ah …

I don’t know.

He hasn’t uttered a word, save this Facebook message …

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.46.57 PM

Read what he wrote. Read it again. Between the words is a fabulous collection of bullshit. First, I’m 100 percent convinced he has yet to read the bill he voted upon. Second, how were “more and more Americans behind the eight ball” when a large majority of Americans wanted to maintain Obamacare? Third, Obamacare wasn’t imploding. And, of late, all the GOP has done is try and try and try to damage it. Fourth, show me how the new plan helps “ordinary working people.” Show me … one … friggin’ way. I defy one. Fifth … argh! I really can’t believe people vote for this tool bag.

I just can’t.

PS: Unrelated, but if you want a laugh … here’s Donald Trump’s biggest supporter, bashing Bill Clinton in 1998 for treasonous activities involving a foreign entity.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.42.26 PM

Dana Rohrabacher just lost 2018

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.56.08 AM

I never thought I’d type the headline to this blog entry so early in the yet-too-early-to-really-begin election cycle, but I’ll type it again: Dana Rohrabacher just lost 2018.

I’m sure no one missed this, but Rorabacher was one of 217 Republicans to vote to revise (aka: pretty much kill) the Affordable Care Act, thereby ultimately being a responsible party when, oh, hundreds of thousands of Americans with previously diagnosed conditions lose their coverage; when the affordable health care made possible by the Obama Administration goes away; when people who pay only casual attention to such issues are suddenly forced to pay heightened attention to such issues.

In short, Dana Rohrabacher voted for a bill he almost certainly has yet to read. Despite efforts from the California media, he has gone months without commenting on health care, or what would be seen in a bill, or which way he was leaning (pre-vote). Why? Because he has no spine and no accountability. None.

Were I a candidate in 2018, I’d make this a central issue to my campaign. I’d run on it and run on it and run on it and run on it. We never see Rohrabacher in these parts anymore. He seems focused far more on Russia than Southern California. But when he does impact our lives … it’s with this.

Today, Dana Rohrabacher voted for  tax cut for the wealthy and less health coverage for the majority.

It’s his noose.

PS: I tried calling both his offices repeatedly today. Busy signal over and over and over. I guarantee you he had his staff remove the phone from the hook. Coward.

Father of three; climate change ignoramus

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.51.31 PM
Ah, the good ol’ days. When I had a beard and nobody asked about the earth melting.

In case you somehow didn’t know this about Dana Rohrabacher, he does not believe humans impact the warming of the earth.

It’s a staggering position to take in 2017, especially when one has three children who, we hope, will live long and fruitful lives. Like, you’d at least think Rohrabacher would consider the work of the vast majority of the planet’s climate experts; would at least be open to the ideas of men far more informed on the subject than a low-level congressman.

Alas … no.

Somewhat recently a group of UC-Irvine professors wrote Rohrabacher a letter, asking if he would meet to discuss climate change. They didn’t suggest a debate, or a public flogging, or … anything more than a simple conversation. They were polite in their wording. They didn’t take any shots. They merely made a request and delivered it to his office.

And received … this.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.43.26 PM

To be clear (and blunt), Dana Rohrabacher is not a sane man. Either that, or he’s not a decent man. I suppose both adjectives can apply. There’s a lack of decency and curiosity; a lack of open-mindedness and civility. You would think he would meet with the professors, just to do the right thing. But you’d also think he’d meet with constituents.

Alas …